(this page is best viewed with a nice cup of tea, and a computer of any kind (Yes, even an Amiga or Atari ST))

Welcome to Neopi-

Err... I mean Welcome to my 2003page page! (that's a bit of a mouthful)

I'm a retro computer enthusiast/collector/programmer who also happens to like Neopets a little bit too much
(The friggin' site mascot at the top is literally a Neopet, is that not indicative enough???)

I haven't really made much programming-related stuff yet (Mostly because I'm waiting for AMOS2 to be fully released
and because QuickBasic SUCKS (sorta), but I do have some stuff I've been working on
(like a music tracker for the obscure "Creative Music System" sound card from 1988 which is really just 2 SAA1099 PSGs hooked together in stereo)

Anyway, I also have a Telnet server (that might be down for a while because I'm not home for about 1-2 months), and a website with...


(atleast at the time of writing this)

So yeah, that's all I have for now, I guess.